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“Having never messed up the inviolable neat wings of the soul and conscience, artistic and human destiny with the clutter, anxiety, nonsense, he fulfilled it completely, fulfilled it, clear the debt written to all humans that were born with. In this sense, the fate is perfect, happy. This meaning is main and the only one ".

Bella Akhmadulina


"Venichka was not so much rejected by the world as he rejected it himself, but he did not built a wall around himself, but challenged, bitterly and terribly expressing his disagreement with the structure of the world, showing that he was different." 

Efim Kurganov


"Yerofeev is a very Russian author, that is, a writer for whom secular literature is closely tied to the Christian tradition of revelation, a spiritual breakthrough from everyday life to being. The text of Erofeev is always an experience of intense religious experience. His whole outlook is filled with apocalyptic pathos." 

Alexander Genis


"Maybe the spectators of the Greek tragedy were experiencing something similar to what the "Petushki" inspired us: this fear and compassion for the innocent and at the same time perplexedly guilty dying hero." 

Olga Sedakova