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- ... Venedikt Yerofeev wrote poetry in his youth, imitating the poets of the beginning of the century, especially Igor Severyanin.


- ... Venedikt Yerofeev finished secondary school with a gold medal. In the mid-1950s and early 1960s, he first studied at the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University, then at Orekhovo-Zuevo, Kolomensk and Vladimir Pedagogical Institutes. For excellent academic achievement he received the merit scholarship, but he was expelled from everywhere: from Moscow State University - for demonstrative non-attendance of military training classes, from Vladimir University - for "moral, ethical and ideological degradation of students" (there is the broad formulation for expelling a student with a non-standard way of thinking in the 1960s).


- “... during his life, Venedikt Yerofeev changed many professions: he worked as a loader in Kolomna’s store, a bricklayer’s assistant, a shooter of military security and a receiver of wine bottles in Moscow, a stoker in Vladimir, officer-in-charge of police station in Orekhovo-Zuevo, a driller in a geological expedition in Ukraine, a librarian in Bryansk, a collector on a geophysical expedition in the High Arctic, head of a cement storage on the construction of the Moscow-Beijing roadway in Dzerzhinsk, Gorky region, etc. The longest period of work - for almost 10 years - was the service in the communication system: the installer of cable lines (Tambov, Michurinsk, Yelets, Orel, Lipetsk, Smolensk, Lithuania, Belarus - from Gomel to Polotsk via Mogilev, etc.). But the only one he liked was the work as a "laboratory technician of a parasitical expedition" in the Hungry Steppe (Uzbekistan, Yangiyer) and as a "laboratory assistant of All-Union Research Institute of Disinfection and Sterilization to fight against the winged blood-sucking insects " in Tajikistan.


- ... Venedikt Yerofeev worked on the text of the poem "Moscow - Petushki" for less than 50 days - from January 19 to March 6, 1970.


- ... for the first time the poem "Moscow - Petushki" was published in AMI Israeli almanac in 1973, then in Paris (1977). In the USSR, the poem in a significantly shortened form was published in December 1988 - March 1989 in Sobriety and Culture journal as part of the campaign against alcoholism (all obscene words in the publication were replaced by hints). For the first time the poem "Moscow - Petushki" appeared in uncensored form in News (Vest) almanac in 1989.


- ... one of the chapters of Venedikt Yerofeev’s poem “The Sickle and the Hammer - Karacharovo” consists of a few words: “And I drank it immediately”. According to the writer himself, in the original version of the work, this phrase was followed by "a page and a half of the purest obscene language."


- ... there is a legend according to which in 1972 Venedikt Yerofeev wrote a novel “Shostakovich”, which he was stolen in an electric train along with a string bag, where two bottles of vodka were lying. In 1994, Vladislav Lyon announced that the manuscript had been at his place all this time, and he would soon publish it. However, only a small fragment of the allegedly written novel by Yerofeev was published. Most critics consider this piece to be a fake. According to Vladimir Muravyov, the whole story with the novel was invented by V. Yerofeev himself, who was a great lover of hoaxes.


- ... Venedikt Yerofeev settled in a house on Pushkinskaya Street (now Bolshaya Dmitrovka), 5/6 in 1974, where artists, scientists, writers, readily came to visit him, as he was nicknamed “Moscow Socrates”. Among Yerofeev’s guests were Yu.M. Lotman, N.I. Tolstoy, Yu.O. Dombrowski, well-known dissidents leaving for emigration, etc.


- ... Venedikt Yerofeev in the last years of his life was thinking of writing a play about Fanny Kaplan, the action of which was supposed to take place in modern Moscow at a glass container recycling center.


- ... Venedikt Yerofeev got baptized in 1985, in Catholic church of St. Louis in Moscow, that was the only functioning church at that time. The godfather was a friend of the writer, philologist Vladimir Muravyov. Before dying, V. Yerofeev made his confession and took communion according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church.


- ... Venichka, the main character of the poem "Moscow - Petushki", dies from being hit with an awl in the throat. In the mid-1980s, Venedikt Yerofeev suffered from a throat cancer. After prolonged treatment and several operations, the writer lost his voice and was able to speak only with the help of an electronic sound device.


- ... a monument to Venedikt Yerofeev - or his characters, was set up in Borba Square in Moscow. The sculptural group consists of two people: a fat-nosed man in a jacket, pressing a disproportionately small suitcase to his chest, which can be mistaken for a thick Bible from a distance, and a woman "with a plait to the backside," the man was striving to get. There is a quotation from the poem “Moscow - Petushki” was carved out on a pedestal: “One cannot trust the opinion of a person who hasn’t managed to hangover”


- Venedikt Yerofeev won Literary prize "NOS - 1973" (New prose) for "Moscow - Petushki". There were 290 votes in the Internet voting, and the first place, according to an expert opinion.