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“Notes by psychopath” as a writer noticed “it is his first notable piece of writing that was begun at the age of 17, the largest and the most ridiculous from what was written”. It has a form of a diary. A reader will immerse in tragicomic narration, that refers to the time of the author’s studying in the University and then expelling “from students to the proletariat”.

“Moscow-Petushki” (a poem in prose, 1970; it was published in 1988-1989). It is the most well-known Venedikt Yerofeev’s work. It was written in 1970. The first publication was in AMI Israeli almanac in 1973. The poem was published in the USSR for the first time in a significantly shortened form in Sobriety and Culture journal in December 1988-1989.  

"Walpurgis night, or the commander's footsteps." Tragedy in 5 acts."The beginning of work on this piece of writing was from December 31, 1984 to the end of April 18, 1985. The first publication of the play in Kontinent journal (Paris) - №45 and in Yugoslavia (Jerofejev, Venedikt. Valpurgijska noc ili Koraci Komandora. Prev. Aleksandr Badnjarevic. Novi Sad: Polja, 1985). In the USSR it was published in 1989. 

"Eccentric's view on Vasily Rozanov" (an essay, 1973, it was published in 1989). "Vasily Rozanov", essay. For the first time it was published on 13th of July 1973 in Veche journal № 8.

"My little Leniniana" (a collage, it was published in Paris in 1988, in Russia in 1991). Collection of quotations from the works of Lenin. For the first time published in Kontinent journal (№55, 1988). 

"Useless fossil" (“Bespoleznoe iskopaemoe”) (the book is based on the notebooks of the writer’s prose). This book contains notes from the notebooks of Venedikt Yerofeev, representing his accurate remarks on life situations, his "thoughts aloud".

“Sasha Cherny and Others,” essay. It was written in January and it was published posthumously for the first time (First in Nezavisimaya Gazeta No. 9, 1991, then in Russian Thought journal No. 3879, 1991, Kontinent journal No. 67, 1991, and in Theater journal No. 9, 1991).